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Let’s taste the Asian treasures…

10 Best Foods in Asia

Pho (Vietnam)
The most famous and most popular dish of Vietnam, Pho (pronounced FA) is a noodle soup typically served with beef. This warm soup is then complimented by adding some basil and chili to suit your tastes. Though I don’t really like Vietnam, if there were one Vietnamese offering I can never get enough of, it’s Pho. It’s simply delicious and extremely filling.

Loc Lac (Cambodia)
This traditional Cambodian dish can be found at any restaurant, though the best are usually served in the street markets. Loc Lac consists of fried cubed beef with fresh red onions served atop a bed of lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Some places include a side of rice. Make sure you get it with the pepper sauce.

10 Best Foods in Asia

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Sushi (Japan)
Sushi has become a global phenomenon and is my favorite food by far. And, there’s nothing like getting sushi from its source in Japan. The fish there is extremely fresh and much larger and thicker than is typically served in the United States. Outside of Japan, you will also find amazing sushi in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Thai pork noodle soup (Thailand)
This soup can only be found in Thailand, where it is a common street food. You’ll find vendors on every street selling it. A noodle soup with cuts of red pork and wontons in it, it’s the most delicious dish in Thailand, and the first dish I seek out when I visit. When you try it add a bit of fish sauce, some sugar and a dash of chili for flavor. This makes the best mix of sweet and sour.

10 Best Foods in Asia

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Pad Thai (Thailand)
Though it might be one of the most famous dishes in the world, good Pad Thai can be hard to find. If you want to enjoy this noodle, peanut and tofu dish at its best, get out of the restaurants and away from the tourist zones. The small markets hidden down narrow streets offer the best variations. If you are ever in Bangkok, a good Pad Thai vendor can be found on Sukhimvit Soi 33 next to the 7-11.

10 Best Foods in Asia

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